General and Premises Liability Litigation

z General

Hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, airport facilities, car rental agencies, product vendors and retail establishments, among others, often find themselves defending all manner of injury claims incident to their operations. Those claims can arise, by way of example, from motor vehicle incidents, premises accidents, loading and unloading operations and include matters involving everything from substantial claims for serious cognitive injuries to “slip and fall” actions alleging less serious injuries.

Those claims can include actions arising from alleged negligent operation, negligent retention, negligent security, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, discrimination and hazardous conditions such as faulty equipment, uneven pavement, standing water and inadequate lighting, to name a few. Issues of indemnification and contribution commonly surface, either by virtue of commercial agreements or under the common law. Over the years, our lawyers have handled many such cases on behalf of airlines, hotels, supermarkets, product vendors, car rental agencies, property managers and others.