Aviation Litigation and Transactions


We have represented airlines, cargo operators, aircraft and engine owners and lessors, product manufacturers, maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities, fixed base operators, ground handlers, fuel suppliers, flight schools and other aviation service providers in business litigation and in the defense of personal injury, wrongful death and other claims.

Over the years, our firm’s lawyers have been involved in the litigation of claims spanning from overhead bin injuries and cabin assault claims to ramp accidents and air crashes, including, among others, the June 6, 1992 crash of Copa Airlines Flight No. 201 near Darien, Panama; the May 11, 1996 crash of ValuJet Flight 592 in the Florida Everglades;, the August 7, 1997 crash of Fine Air Flight No. 101 in Miami, Florida; the August 23, 1998 crash of Air Anguilla Flight No. 947 in Margot, Dominica; and the September 29, 2006 crash of GOL Airlines Flight 1907 in Mato Grosso, Brazil. We litigate commercial aviation claims, including those involving breaches of aircraft and engine leases, enforcement of mechanic’s and fuel liens and aircraft repossessions.

We also handle the sale, purchase and leasing of aircraft, aircraft engines and other aviation-related equipment, aircraft financing transactions and aviation-related real property transactions.